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Antiscorching Agent

  • Polyester Dipped Soft Cord

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    Polyester Dipped Soft Cord

    Chemical Name Polyester Dipped Soft Cord Specification Produce features High strength, tensile elongation, dimensionally stable,good fatigue strength,high adhesio Use Industrial hose, Air springs Polyester Dipped Soft Cord is mainly used for Conveyor belt, Wrapped belt,V-belt...Read More

  • Silane Coupling Agent Si69

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    Silane Coupling Agent Si69

    It is a kind of silane coupling agent with multiple functional groups successfully used in rubber industry to improve modulus and tensile strength of rubber, to reduce the compound viscosity and save process energy consumption.Read More

  • Silica

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    Chemical Name Silica Molecular Formula S i O 2 ·nH 2 O CAS NO 7631-86-9 Specification Properties White granule or powder. Uses Good transparent rubber product, shoe-making Material, additive of plastic and polyester, cover of cable and electric wire, strengthening agent of...Read More

  • Antiscorching Agent PVI 17796-82-6

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    Antiscorching Agent PVI 17796-82-6

    Chemical Name:
    N-Cyclohexylthio Phthalimide
    Molecular Formula: C14H15NO2SN
    Molecular Weight: 261.34
    Gravity: 1.25-1.35
    CAS NO.: 17796-82-6
    Package: 25kg/bag
    Storage Life: 24 months
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    Sunnyjoint vulcanizing agent is suitable for general purpose rubber. Suitable for special rubber and rubber and plastic systems. In natural rubber, it can prevent vulcanization and reversion, improve heat resistance, reduce heat generation, anti-aging, and improve rubber and...Read More

As a professional China antiscorching agent manufacturer, we supply rubber chemical, rubber additive and prepared rubber products with high quality and best price. Feel free to buy our quality antiscorching agent.
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