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Study On The New Technology Of Resin Catalytic Synthesis Of Antioxidant SP


     (1) antioxidant SP alkylation synthesis reaction selection macroporous strong acid cation exchange resin as a catalyst is more appropriate, the amount of about 7% to 9% of phenol, the synthesis reaction conditions: temperature 100 ~ 115 ℃, styrene With the molar ratio of phenol 2.05 ~ 2.20: 1, reaction time 2.15 ~ 2.45 h, the product yield is more than 95%, the product color is good.
     Molar ratio of 2.1: 1, catalyst amount (phenol) 8%, reaction temperature 105 ℃, reaction time 2.5 h under the conditions of the product yield 97%, the appearance of light yellow transparent viscous liquid, density, ash, Meet product quality requirements.
     (3) antioxidant SP is a non-polluting rubber antioxidant, with high efficiency, low toxicity, low cost, etc., mainly used for styrene butadiene rubber and chloroprene rubber stabilizer, polyolefin and POM Oxidizing agent. Products in the application of styrene butadiene rubber to achieve better results.

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