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Vulcanizing Agent

  • Vulcanizing Agent HTS

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    Vulcanizing Agent HTS

    HTS Specification Uses Be used in the main of Sulfur vulcanizing system. when the product is in high temperature anaerobic conditions,could create mixture crosslinks so that NR, IR, SBR, BR and polymer blends having excellent dynamic performance. Thereby maintaining the...Read More

  • Vulcanizing Agent DTDC

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    Vulcanizing Agent DTDC

    DTDM Specification Properties Soluble in benzene,carbontetrachloride, slightly soluble in acetione, petrol, hardly soluble in ehtanol, ether, insoluble in water. No toxicity, storage is stable under normal condition. Uses It is the vulcanising agent for NR and SBR. It suits...Read More

  • Vulcanizing Agent DTDM 103-34-4

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    Vulcanizing Agent DTDM 103-34-4

    Chemical Name:
    Molecular Formula: C8H16N2O2S2
    Molecular Weight: 236.36
    Gravity: 1.32-1.38
    CAS NO.: 103-34-4
    Package: 25kg/bag
    Storage Life: 6 months
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  • Insoluble Sulfur 9035-99-8

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    Insoluble Sulfur 9035-99-8

    Chemical Name: Insoluble Sulfur
    Molecular Formula: S
    CAS NO.: 9035-99-8
    Package: 25kg/bag
    Storage Life: 12months
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  • Crosslinker KA9188

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    Crosslinker KA9188

    KA9188 Specification Uses Suitable for the production of high resistance to the reversion of the original NR, isoprene rubber (IR), styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), butadiene rubber (BR) and of these elastomers blended rubber vulcanizates Package 25kg/bag Storage Life 24 monthsRead More


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    SunnyjointPK900 is mainly used in most sulfur vulcanized polymers such as NR,IR,SBR,BR or blends to provide improved reversion resistance on overcure.Read More

  • SUNNYJOINT Accelerator HMT

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    SUNNYJOINT Accelerator HMT

    Accelerator HMT Chemical Name Methenamine Molecular Formula (CH2)6N4 Molecular Weight 140.19 Gravity 1.27 CAS NO. 100-97-0 Specification Properties White crystal. Easily dissolve in water, easy to deflagrate, hard to dissolve in aether, aromaticity. Uses It is used in radial...Read More

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