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India Extension Of China's Anti Dumping Duty On Rubber Auxiliaries
Jan 26, 2018

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce of India decided to extend the levy of anti-dumping duties for five years on MOR,which is imported from China,and PX13, the phenylenediamine antioxidant in the EU.

The anti-dumping duties have been levied since 2011, along with rubber additives TDQ and MBTS. 

India said that a recent survey found that PX13 and MOR in these countries and regions still hurt Indian-related industries and decided to extend the levies.

The survey found that, TDQ(TMQ) and MBTS (DM)did not cause harm, decided to stop the levy.

It is understood that the anti-dumping duty on MOR (NOBS) in China is $213.82/ton. In some European countries, the anti-dumping duty is as high as $897.01/ton.

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