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Microchemical industrialization technology has made a major breakthrough
Dec 30, 2018

In 2018, the industrialization technology of rubber additives micro-chemical (micro-reaction channel) has made a major breakthrough. Fuyang Weilin New Materials Co., Ltd. 5,000 tons / year accelerator TBzTD and Shandong Sierer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. 10,000 tons / year anti-aging agent TMQ micro-reaction channel production line has achieved industrialization. Micro-chemical technology has the outstanding advantages of significantly shortening reaction time, reducing reaction volume and safe and controllable reaction, safer and more environmentally friendly, easier to achieve continuous automation, and more cost-competitive. Micro-chemical technology is a revolutionary subversion of traditional chemical processes and equipment, opening a new era of efficient and refined chemical industry. The industrialization of micro-chemical technology has set a new milestone for the rubber auxiliaries industry and laid a good foundation for future intelligent production.

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