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The first day of the new year, the first application for this rubber company’s stock was approved.
Jan 11, 2019

At the 5th meeting of the China Securities Regulatory Commission's Issuance Review Committee held on January 8, Yunnan Zhenan Shock Absorption Technology Co., Ltd. (the first) was approved by the Commission, and the CSRC will subsequently make an application for the Zhenan Science and Technology Development. Whether or not to approve the decision, after receiving the formal approval approval, Zhenan Technology may start the publication of the prospectus in accordance with relevant regulations.

According to public information, Zhenan Technology intends to list on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and the actual total issuance does not exceed 20 million RMB ordinary shares. The raised funds will be invested in the “Technical Reconstruction of the Production Line for Seismic Isolation Products”. The total investment of the project is 338,823,300 yuan, and the amount of funds to be invested is 31,606,800 yuan.

The fundraising project will complete part of the production process by replacing the labor with higher automation and more advanced production equipment. The standardization degree and quality of the product will be further improved, and a larger model of building isolation rubber will be produced. Supports, with higher production technology and more difficult manufacturing, can solve capacity bottlenecks and increase capacity utilization.

It is understood that Zhenan Technology is the leading supplier of overall building isolation solutions in China. It has formed a guide for building isolation and isolation design. The building isolation product is the core, and the isolation product installation guide, replacement and maintenance. A full-cycle product service system for extended services.

Products are now widely used in schools, hospitals, commercial and residential real estate, other public buildings, affordable housing and other areas of buildings. The main business income in 2015-2017 was 19,873,400 yuan, 297,788,900 yuan and 2,691,761 yuan.

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