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Application Of Rubber Additive In Curing Agent
Aug 16, 2017
Vulcanizing Agent: The so-called rubber vulcanization is the plastic rubber material into a flexible process of vulcanization. That is, the rubber molecular chain in the chemical or physical factors of the role of chemical crosslinking, into a spatial network structure. Then, any chemical that can cause the crosslinking of rubber can be called vulcanizing agent, so we should not mistakenly think of vulcanizing agent, only sulfur yellow, it includes all the above-mentioned chemical substances, of course, sulfur yellow is the most commonly used. According to the theory, the crosslinking efficiency of vulcanized vulcanizate with pure sulphur is low, and its crosslinking density is very low, and the physical and mechanical properties are also poor. Therefore, there is little use of pure sulfur system in the adhesive, and some organic sulphides, mainly varieties TMTD (TT), TMTT, DTDM and organic peroxide, commonly used varieties have DCP, DTBP, and so on, the use of these vulcanizing agents have some excellent special properties, such as heat resistance, anti-aging, and also use some synthetic resin materials such as: 2402, 201, 202, code is the name of the commodity.

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