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In The Waste Rubber Industry, Another New Technology Passed The Appraisal
Jan 09, 2019

Recently, Guangzhou Aiqi Technology Co., Ltd. completed the “Recycling of Waste Rubber and No Wastewater Method to Produce Fine Glue Powder Technology” and successfully passed the appraisal. It was evaluated by the expert group as reaching the domestic leading technology level.

According to the insider, the process uses wet grinding to prepare fine rubber powder. By using a processing device independently developed, combined with the improvement of water circulation technology and automatic control technology, a complete set of production equipment is finally formed. The completion party obtained 3 invention patents and 1 utility model patent through the research process of the scientific and technological achievements.

According to the on-site report, the scientific and technological achievements have effectively reduced the particle size of recycled rubber powder, and the residual amount of rubber powder over 80 mesh is ≤10%, which effectively avoids the coking phenomenon of rubber surface surface produced by the dry preparation of rubber powder process, effectively improving the glue. Powder performance, and achieve no three waste emissions, improve production efficiency while reducing production energy consumption.

The relevant person in charge said that since the application, the scientific and technological achievements have handled more than 400,000 pieces of used tires, realized an output value of more than 29 million yuan, and a profit and tax of 4.91 million yuan. They have certain cost advantages in industrial recycling and have relatively good social benefits.

This evaluation adopts a new scientific and technological achievement evaluation system designed by the Guangdong Provincial Productivity Promotion Center and Guangdong National Evaluation Technology Achievement Evaluation Co., Ltd., which is designed by the key universities and research institutes in the province. The system includes evaluation implementation specifications, classification evaluation index design, Grading methods, evaluation expert management specifications, technical search analysis methods, etc. Evaluation experts believe that this system has good scientific and operational characteristics, which can make the evaluation results more objective, suggest more promotion and application, and form industry standards.

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