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PLASTICIZER / PEPTIZER DBD 2,2'-dibenzamidodiphenyl Disul​fide
Oct 26, 2017

Chemical name2,2'-dibenzamidodiphenyl disulfide

PropertyLow toxicity, little pollution, soluble in benzene, ethanol, acetone and other organic solvents, insoluble in water. Skin contact can cause dermatitis. It has good storage stability.

Technical index

AppearanceLight yellow or yellow powder /Granule 石蜡硬脂酸DBD 佳通 灰分小.jpg

外观                  Appearance

淡黄色粉末/White or Pale Yellow Powder

熔点                  Melting Range,℃  


DBD含量             DBD content ≥%


加热减量              Loss on Drying %≤


灰份                  Ash %≤


筛余物(150μm)       Residues(150μm) %≤


外观                  Appearance

浅绿色纽扣状颗粒/ Light Green Pellet Solid

DBD含量             DBD content ≥%


加热减量             Loss on Drying 80℃%≤


灰份                  Ash %≤


ApplicationIt may effectively promote the molecular chain breakage of rubber during mastication and prevent free radicals form recombination to large molecules,which can effectually improve the effect of crude rubber plastication.should use it when temperature achieve 120℃or higher.

Processing and dosage: Used as Chemical peptizer for NR & SBR. Add in at the beginning of plastication.It won`t affect the aging cheracteristic of rubber products.No blooming.0.05-0.5% is needed for natural rubber.05.-3.0%is needed for styrene-butadiene rubber.

Storage In original closed containers under cool and dry conditions max. 1 year.

Packing 25kg one paper-plastic compound bag.

Net weight:25kg/bag.

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