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These Items IPPD/6PPD/TMQand Accelerator CBS ,DCBS ,MBT Are Not In The List Of Double High (GHW / GHF) List
Feb 01, 2018

On December 4 2017, China Rubber Industry Association included the mainstream rubber accelerators and anti-oxidants on entries 728-734 of the "Environmental Protection Inventory (2017 Version) (Draft for Comment)" (hereinafter referred to as the "List"), Feedback to the MEP,It is suggested that the "list" should be adjusted according to the current overall production status of the rubber chemicals industry and the use of the rubber industry. Firstly, antioxidant 6PPD, TMQ and IPPD should be withdrawn from the "Catalog"; secondly, the "Catalog" should be marked with "Clean Production Process Accelerators MBT, CBS, DCBS products are not part of the "Double High" (GHW / GHF) product.

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