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Tire Export Data Influencing Rubber Price Factors
Dec 19, 2018

The downstream demand industry of natural rubber, 70% is the tire industry, that is to say, the industry with the largest volume of natural rubber digestion is the tire manufacturing industry.Because the comprehensive performance of natural rubber is superior to synthetic rubber, so at present, most of China's automotive tire manufacturing high quality tires generally choose natural rubber, of course, most of the automotive tires used for export are natural rubber as raw material.

Speaking of the impact of import and export tire data on the price of natural rubber, we have to review some previous events: in March 2018, affected by the eu and the United States to impose tariffs and "double reverse" on China, China's tire export volume was 36.53 million, down 10.8% year on year.In June, China exported 39.94 million tires, down 5.8% from a year earlier and 2.27 million fewer than in May.In the first half of the year, China's export volume totaled 236 million pieces, with an amount of 46.492 billion yuan.However, although the overall tire export volume is still showing a growth trend, but, year-on-year growth rate is declining, that is to say, if the past growth rate, China's data in the first half of this year is not optimistic.This is the natural rubber network to give you before the real-time report (tire import and export facing double pressure).

It is not difficult to see that the rubber price at that time was lower than that in 2017 or even earlier in 2016.Which reflects the fact that the decline in export growth of data, and export data of year-on-year decline, will to a certain extent, response to a decrease in demand for natural rubber tire enterprises, it is obvious that the demand decrease, so the price of natural rubber will naturally have a certain influence and causing prices to fall, our country in the world the first big tire producer, for tyre export data, tire exports increase, then the domestic price of natural rubber will be affected by the downstream demand and causing prices to rise.

However, please note that this is not the decisive factor to determine the price of rubber. Although the relationship between supply and demand can directly affect the price, there are many factors influencing the price of natural rubber as a bulk war readiness material of a country. This aspect can be used as a reference factor for the price of rubber.

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