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Uncertainty In Sino-US Trade Relations, Putting Pressure On Oil Prices Yesterday
Feb 12, 2019

Many negative factors, such as the US refinery being forced to close due to an accident and the uncertainty of Sino-US trade relations, put pressure on oil prices yesterday. The second largest refinery in the United States was forced to close the relevant equipment due to the fire on Sunday, directly affecting the processing capacity of 330,000 barrels per day of crude oil. On Friday, the number of active oil drilling in the US surged seven, which put pressure on international oil prices. . On the other hand, the joint production cuts implemented by Saudi Arabia and Russia continue to provide support for oil prices, but the current trend is quite volatile. The situation in Venezuela remains the focus of the market. As the country suffers from US economic sanctions, the decline in crude oil exports may affect market supply performance. In addition, a new round of Sino-US trade negotiations has begun, but US President Trump said that it is unlikely to hold talks with the Chinese president before the March 1 "cease agreement" expires. The uncertainty of trade prospects remains bearish city.

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