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More than 20,000 fake tires have entered the market, and Youke Haoma has showed things up!
Jan 08, 2019

Recently, the China Quality News announced that the Changsha Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce has confirmed that more than 24,000 counterfeit Youke Haoma tires have entered the market. The production dates of these tires have been artificially changed from 2016. In 2018, it is currently being sold throughout the country.

According to law enforcement officials, the production address of this batch of Youke Haoma's newborn tires is “Hangzhou Youke Haoma Tire Co., Ltd.”. After identification by the technical staff of the company's Hangzhou production base, the product with problems is indeed Youke Haoma. The genuine tires, but they are not produced in the Hangzhou factory, the tire sticker information is suspected of forgery.

The technician said that the "Tire 3C certification label" carried by the reporter is the A055761. It is verified that this code is owned by the Youke Haoma Suzhou factory.

The reporter then contacted the Youke Haoma Suzhou factory to verify how the batch of tires was flowed out and changed the production date. However, the factory could not answer this question.

The technicians finally said that Youke Harma tires, as an internationally renowned tire company, have strict regulations on the date of the tires, and it is strictly forbidden for dealers to sell overtime tires.

According to the manufacturer's internal regulations, tires that exceed the storage date will be sold to qualified companies for disposal. In order to prevent the scrap tires from entering the market, the scrap tires must be cut before leaving the factory.

Law enforcement officials said that after the investigation of the case, there are as many as 24,000 new-age tires that can be clearly flowed. It is expected that this number will increase with the investigation of the case. This part of the counterfeit products will bring serious safety to consumers. Hidden dangers, serious cases of production and sales personnel will face criminal penalties.

At present, the relevant departments of Changsha City are investigating the incident. At the same time, relevant departments in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing and other places involved in the investigation have launched investigations.

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