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China Has Entered A Stage Of High-quality Development, And People's Pursuit And Yearning For A Comfortable Life Are More Urgent Than Ever Before.
Feb 04, 2019

China has entered a stage of high-quality development, and people's pursuit and yearning for a comfortable life are more urgent than ever before.A series of emerging consumption concepts and modes, such as tourism consumption, health consumption, information consumption, old-age consumption, brand consumption and service consumption, have been rapidly established, and the upgrading of people's living quality has opened up new consumption space.

Providing comfortable, safe and green products for the whole society is an important and inevitable choice for the petroleum and chemical industry to achieve high-quality development in the future.At the same time, but also for the downstream industry to provide suitable matching raw materials.

The petroleum and chemical industries will provide a continuous material guarantee and foundation for creating a comfortable living environment in the future, from newborn care products, to convenient and easy-to-use daily necessities for the elderly, to products and technologies developed from new energy sources, to new demands for transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

In addition, "One Belt And One Road" has opened up new space for the consumption of petrochemical products.

The countries along the "One Belt And One Road" route have a large population, a wide geographical area and rich resources. They have comprehensive comparative advantages in the global petrochemical industry, such as resource advantages, cost advantages and market advantages. They are important growth poles of the global petrochemical industry in the future.It is also an important source of raw materials such as oil and gas, natural rubber and potash, and plays an important role in bilateral trade.

The "One Belt And One Road" initiative has opened up greater cooperation space for the development of the global petroleum and chemical industry, and promoted Chinese petrochemical enterprises to go abroad to improve their management level and competitiveness on the world stage. At the same time, it has also created win-win opportunities and important platforms for foreign companies to seek cooperation with Chinese enterprises.

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