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Sino-US Economic And Trade Consultations Will Be Held In Beijing On February 14-15
Feb 11, 2019

According to Xinhua News Agency, a new round of high-level Sino-US economic and trade consultations will be held in Beijing from February 14th to 15th. The news announced at the end of the traditional Chinese New Year holiday indicates that both sides are striving to implement the consensus reached by the two heads of state during the G20 summit in Argentina and to promote the final agreement.

The last round of high-level Sino-US economic and trade consultations ended in Washington on January 31. A new round of high-level Sino-US economic and trade consultations, on February 11, first held deputy ministerial level consultations, the United States led by Deputy Trade Representative Grysh. From February 14 to 15, US Trade Representative Wright Heze and Finance Minister Mnuchin attended the lead consultation, which is what China called the "Sino-US high-level economic and trade consultation."

On February 11th, it was the first working day after the Chinese New Year holiday on the seventh day of the first lunar month. In other words, when the Chinese just started working, the Americans came to talk. This at least shows that Americans attach great importance to this consultation, time is not waiting for people, and Americans have a sense of urgency.

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