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Development Trend Of Rare Earth Butadiene Rubber
Feb 08, 2019

Japan synthetic rubber company research found that rare earth rubber is the future development trend.Rare earth glue in line with the high performance tire in high speed, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, etc, is now the fastest-growing BR varieties, with the European and American countries tire aspects and so on energy conservation and environmental protection, safety technical regulations require stricter, products for export-oriented enterprises and technical barriers, domestic resource crisis and environmental pollution control is imminent, industry policy encourages the development of green tire comprehensively, and will gradually set up industry barriers to entry and backward product capacity elimination mechanism, green tire tire industry has become the development trend, with the continuous improvement of production technology and the improvement of product requirements, other domestic seibel butadiene rubber overcapacity,Rare earth butadiene rubber or the only choice of the production enterprises.

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