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Properties Of Rare Earth Butadiene Rubber
Feb 08, 2019

The butadiene rubber produced by the rare earth catalysis system has a higher molecular chain regularity and the highest Mooney viscosity, indicating that the molecular chain has a certain amount of long chain branching, indicating a higher degree of linearity. In addition, the molecular weight distribution of the nickel series is narrower than that of the rare earth series.

By comparison, the rare earth catalyzed polymerization of butadiene rubber has a high cis structure, less branched, no gel, so it has a good linear structure, known as high dimensional regularity of butadiene rubber.It can produce strong crystallization under the action of stretching, that is, with "stress crystallization ability, which gives rare earth butadiene rubber high self-viscosity, good tensile properties and advantages of abrasion resistance and fatigue resistance, as the first rubber for the manufacture of high-performance tires.

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